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I Love What I Do!: A Drummer's Philosophy of Life at Eighty (Print Version)

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Desmond Zwar
ISBN: 978-1-890995-60-7 (158 pp.)

At eighty years “young,” noted musician and self-proclaimed “drumchiatrist” Sam Ulano wrote this exuberant book about his system of living life to its fullest (regardless of age). In it, he shares his personal philosophies and experiences for staying healthy, becoming educated, and making a living, while always being mindful of the joys in everyday life. Honest, friendly, and filled with humor, I Love What I Do! offers pearls of wisdom for anyone who wishes to remain vital and productive--at any age.


From the Author

At the age of 80, I’ve finally decided to put on paper my concepts for living. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Recently it came to me how I would do this: I would simply start writing and hope that, in the end, some of the knowledge I’ve gained in eight decades is of some value to you reading it.

All my life I’ve been a drummer, both student and educator. I somehow always had the ability to teach others. I also had the talent to demonstrate and explain to my students why and how the study material I developed could benefit them. This must have worked because so many people I taught are still playing and are in the music profession, where drum study was essential to them.

The following ideas are what I have found to have worked for me. I like to think of them as my ideas for living. I pass them on to you so you might make use of these concepts and have the use of my past experience. This doesn’t mean that they will work for you. But they might provide some direction that can help you. Although most of these concepts have been written about by others, maybe I can give you another slant on things.

With the possible exception of the first chapter on developing a system, this book doesn’t have to be read straight-through. Instead, see which topics are relevant to you and check out my experience with them. You never know when some outside mind may give you a new approach to how you can better yourself. Above all, keep in mind that this is a book about music—about life—as I see it from eight decades.

Study these ideas for living and try to apply them. If they work for you, then I’m glad to have helped. If they don’t, then keep searching and looking for what works for you. The key is to never stop learning!

Yours for a better life and more fun in living your life, I remain,

Sam Ulano, the Drumchiatrist

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