This workshop offers an introduction to using music as an expressive and creative medium to enhance well-being of people with dementia and their caregivers.   Whereas making music is usually thought of as an elitist activity open only to the gifted few (so-called “real musicians”), the approach presented here shows that, on the contrary, it is a universal gift. We all have music inside us and by bringing it out, we reveal our inner humanity.  In so doing we enhance our lives and the lives of those we care for.  Based on the pioneering work of John Diamond, M.D., this workshop will benefit anyone with an interest in exploring making music in a care-giving situation, no matter how inexperienced or off-key!  You will come out feeling empowered to make music with those you care for, and understand why and how music has the effect it does.

Topics include:

  • Bringing out the music in those you care for.
  • Suitable repertoire for making music together.
  • Making music vs. listening to it.
  • The importance of interaction and how to optimize it.
  • Accompanied versus a cappella.
  • Accuracy vs. intention in music-making.

Seating is limited.  Make a reservation today here, or call (914) 533 7500 or email Karla@LifeEnergyArts.com

Presenter: Peter Muir, Ph.D.

"You Are My Sunshine": Dementia, Music and Life Enhancement

Peter Muir, Ph.D.

Peter Muir is a world-class musician whose approach is guided by a passionate belief in the power of music to transform the well-being of individuals and communities.  Internationally recognized as pianist, educator, musicologist, and conductor, his ground-breaking approach is deeply influenced by the life-work of John Diamond, M.D., a leading authority in using the arts for health, with whom Dr. Muir has been closely associated for almost thirty years.

A pianist and vocalist with an impressively broad repertoire embracing jazz, blues, ragtime, and classical,  the New York Times  has described his playing as “potent” and Newsday has praised his “terrific” performances.
As an educator Dr. Muir focuses on  approaches to learning and making music that maximizes its therapeutic impact.  He works with anyone seeking to connect their music more deeply to their lives, particularly those with disabilities, and his work has been featured in national media and peer-reviewed journals. As a musicologist Peter is a noted scholar of American vernacular music and author of the critically acclaimed Long Lost Blues: The Rise of Blues in American Popular Culture. Peter has been directing choral and instrumental groups for more than 25 years in the UK and US.  He is founder and director of The Singing Songbirds, an inclusive community chorus based in Millbrook, NY.