Sunday September 8, 4:00-5:30pm;  $25 (seniors/students $20)

Learn a profound movement meditation based on the developmental postures devised by the internationally renowned anatomist and anthropologist Raymond Dart, M.D. Dr. Diamond met and interviewed Dr. Dart in his later years and was impressed with the impact that doing the procedures could have on one’s Life Energy, especially if each was linked with its appropriate acupuncture meridian.

After years of research Dr. Diamond transformed Dart’s postures into a unique sequence: a powerful poetic movement meditation that recapitulates the evolutionary and developmental process, and which greatly raises the Life Energy of the person. When practiced over time it helps reverse the twist and distortions in the musculature of the body that develop as a result of uncorrected birthing trauma and poor body usage.

The sequence is a beautiful, simple way to begin and end your day and can learned by anyone. This workshop will include movement on the floor as well as crawling and moving into standing – please come appropriately dressed.

Seating is limited.  Make a reservation today at (914) 533 7500 or email

Presenter: Karla Booth

The Diamond-Dart Meridian Sequence: Introductory Workshop  Karla is a certified Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique graduating from ACAT in 1990. With a background in dance and bodywork the Alexander Technique was the perfect place to combine her studies of philosophy, anatomy, movement and healing.  Karla has taught workshops at Juilliard, Bard College, Sweet Briar College and throughout the US.  She has also given workshops in Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and taught at the National and International AGM’s. She currently teaches in Mount Kisco, NY.