Sunday May 26, 4:00-5:15pm;  $25

We are used to hearing and seeing advocacy that stresses the importance of music for everyone, as well as its importance for health and well-being. Music is all around us yet most of us do not see ourselves as musical. Why is that the case?

This workshop introduces an approach to music making designed and developed in Australia from the work of John Diamond, M.D. and now practiced internationally. It uses social-altruistic music making as a means of both demonstrating the problems inherent in our current, contradictory attitudes to music, as well as providing a simple, effective solution that has been applied by many thousands of people world-wide. It helps individuals regain and/or strengthen their musical lives, while offering musicians a way of re-thinking their practice as both performers and teachers. It is simple, practical and fun and no previous experience is necessary!

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Presenter: Susan West, Ph.D.

The Singing Side

Susan West is an Honorary Professor at the Charles Sturt University, Australia. She was formerly Associate Professor at the Australian National University School of Music. A former Principal Flute of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, she has worked in music and education for over 40 years and has spent the last 20 years developing a unique approach to music drawing on the work of Dr John Diamond, a world leader in alternative approaches to health and well-being. Her program, The Music Outreach and Engagement Program, is now being developed internationally. In Australia, it has affected the lives of thousands of individual within and beyond the school system. The philosophy focuses on using social-altruistic music making as a means of overcoming the bars to music making, many of which are caused by our attitudes towards musical expertise and training. Its application is not specific to any age group, skill level, or expertise, and it can be applied across a range of disciplines including education and medicine. Dr West’s work has been documented in a range of academic papers and articles and is the subject of several doctoral thesis. Her lectures and compositions have also been disseminated via a range of documentary films. She is the recipient of numerous awards, most recently being named one of Australia’s 100 most influential woman by the Australian Financial Times. Dr West continues to disseminate and research her work world wide with a series of partners, as well as regularly working with children and adults of all ages.