Every Thursday, 10:00-11:15am; $25 ($20 seniors/disabilities/students)

Come and be inspired by these morning classes, each focusing on a different activity for raising a person’s Life Energy.  Among the topics to be explored are some of Dr. Diamond’s movement meditations, physical procedures,  painting for healing, using the poi, and the Diamond Dart Meridian Sequence, as well as color meditations and the power of verbal affirmations.  Each class will show you how you can use a particular activity to go deeper, raise your Life Energy, and allow yourself to experience a calmer, richer existence.

Among the topics covered:

  • The acupuncture meridians and the emotions;
  • Developmental movement;
  • Freedom of the limbs;
  • Integration of the torso;
  • Movement into upright posture:
  • Relationship between postures and meridians;
  • Therapeutic affirmations;
  • Breath and Singing;
  • The Diamond-Dart Meridian Sequence


Seating is limited.  Make a reservation today here, or call (914) 533 7500 or email

Presenter: Karla Booth

Life Energy Movement Classes Karla is a certified Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique graduating from ACAT in 1990. With a background in dance and bodywork the Alexander Technique was the perfect place to combine her studies of philosophy, anatomy, movement and healing.  Karla has taught workshops at Juilliard, Bard College, Sweet Briar College and throughout the US.  She has also given workshops in Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and taught at the National and International AGM’s.  She currently teaches in Mount Kisco, NY.