Karla Booth

Karla Booth

Karla Booth is a movement specialist with over thirty years of international performing and teaching experience. She began exploring the world of music and dance as a young child, developed her choreographic skills at college, and became certified as a yoga instructor.

Karla is a certified Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique graduating from ACAT in 1990 and has taught workshops in Australia, Sweden, the UK, Sweden, and throughout the United States.

Karla maintains a busy teaching studio in Westchester where she enjoys helping adults and children explore their creative potential through dance and music, so that they have the confidence to use their creativity to enhance not only their lives, but also of those around them.

As a teacher Karla works with people from all walks of life and all ages. She has taught  Musicians, Physical Therapists, Office Staff, Teachers, Pregnant Women, Runners, Singers, Actors and anyone interested and curious about how they can change their habitual movement patterns to find more ease in everyday life.