Every Wednesday, 7:00-8:15pm;  $20 (seniors $15)

The Westchester Songbirds is a new singing group offering an approach that embraces people of all levels of musical experience and ability. It is informal and relaxed, and our repertoire includes pop songs, show-tunes, folk, and classical in simple arrangements.

With a focus on having fun and developing community spirit, you don’t need to be able to read music, or even sing on key!

Reaching Out Into the Community

A central focus of the Songbirds is to use our music-making to enhance the lives of people in healthcare settings. We give frequent interactive outreaches in places like retirement communities and day programs.  Our unique approach is based on the pioneering approach of John Diamond, M.D., a leading authority in using music for wellness.

Director and Founder


Peter Muir, Ph.D.

The Songbirds’ founder and director is Peter Muir, Ph.D. An international performer, Peter was inspired to start the group by his lifelong involvement in using music for health. “Research has consistently shown that singing has profound benefits for health,” he says, “yet regular choral groups are not a good fit for so many people because of the emphasis on perfection. In nature, birds and whales just sing – they don’t worry about whether they’re on pitch or have the rhythm right. Why can’t we approach human singing that way?”  For more on Peter, see his website www.PeterMuir.com

The Songbirds’ meets Wednesday evenings at the Gallery . “I want to encourage people to come along and sample our approach,” says Peter. “If you have always thought of yourself as a shower singer, well maybe now’s the time for you to step out of the shower!”

Please RSVP here. For more info call Peter directly on 845.554.2077