Sunday June 9, 4:00-5:15pm;  $25

Ever feel too self-conscious to sing to your children? Then come to this workshop where we will learn how to feel at ease lullabying. By the end, you will be able to soothe, comfort, and help your loved ones feel safe through singing lullabies. We will learn old songs, adapt old songs, and create new songs. Everybody will feel comfortable singing in this way, helping to raise the Life Energy of yourself and others. For mothers, fathers, siblings, nannies, au pairs, grandparents, and babysitters.

Seating is limited.  Make a reservation today at (914) 533 7500 or email


Presenter: Michael Garber, Ph.D.

The Power of the Lullaby

Michael Garber

Michael Garber is an interdisciplinary teacher, historian, theorist, critic, and artist, whose creative work and pedagogy integrates drama, dance, music, film, and media. He teaches at several universities in the New York Greater Metropolitan Area and lectures internationally.