Dr. Diamond is a pioneer in using photography for healing. Like all the visual arts, photography heals by raising the Life Energy, the Healing Power within, of photographer and viewer, and over a period of more than fifty years, Dr. Diamond has developed a remarkable approach to maximize this which he calls Life Energy Photography. For more on Life Energy Photography, click here.

The purpose of my photography is to establish links between the physical world and the spirit world. And through my photography, help those in anguish. Help them to See, to Feel, to Know, that there is more in the photograph; that it is an instance of Spirit.    —John Diamond, M.D.

These photographs are available as glossy 14” x 18” prints (mounted & framed, or just mounted).

The artistic process and all the equipment used to create these photographic prints have been carefully researched and examined to ensure the highest level of Life Energy. Each photograph has been personally inspected and approved by Dr. Diamond.

We offer six categories of print to choose from:

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