Womb of Love

Life Energy Arts is excited to announce the release of a print of a powerful new healing image by Dr. Diamond.

Titled “Womb of Love,” this painting is, like all his artwork, created in a state of deep meditation, and with the intention of healing the viewer. For this particular painting, the focus of Dr. Diamond’s meditation was the Maternal Instinct.

Those familiar with Dr. Diamond’s approach will know the fundamental importance of the Maternal Instinct in his approach to healing. He writes:

“I believe that our life problems, however they manifest physically and emotionally, are basically spiritual. And that the ultimate cause of this is that we feel estranged from our mothers who did their best to love us according to the impulse of love which is the Maternal Instinct. We yearn for her Love, we yearn to live in a state of Belovedness. To do so we just have to sense her Maternal Instinct.”

“Womb of Love” has been created by Dr. Diamond with that purpose in mind: to help us sense our mother’s Maternal Instinct. In these stressful times, this magnificent image can be used to help raise your Life Energy, especially if used as part of a meditational procedure.

The print is individually handmade using a special process developed by Dr. Diamond himself. Such aspects as the paper and inks used for printing, the precise design of the gold frame that surrounds the image, the printer used, and many other factors have been exhaustively researched to ensure that the print preserves the high Life Energy of the original image (and please note that just printing the image from your screen will not work!).

We offer the print in two hand-held sizes: a smaller 4″ x 5″ and a larger 8″ x 10″, priced at $14.95 and $24.95 respectively.