Ainslie Meares: The Doctor Who Forever Changed the Way We Look at Cancer (eBook Version)

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Desmond Zwar

ISBN: 978-1-890995-64-5 (158 pp.)

Ainslie Meares, M.D., (1910-1986) was an extraordinary man and the father of a movement in medicine toward empowering his patients and making them responsible for their own well-being. A renowned psychiatrist and the author of many books on the more philosophical aspects of self-improvement, he left his thriving practice and gave up his medical license in order to pursue his work with cancer patients, using meditation as therapy.

Dr. Meares was bold and resolute in his work, willing to experiment but with a unique empathy and gentleness with his patients. He taught them that they could influence the course of their own illness – that healing came from within them.

“When you are with him, he is totally with you. Nothing else intrudes. He senses just how you are and his openness allows you to sense him too.”
– From Zwar’s Introduction

In this book, Desmond Zwar gives us insight into the life and achievements of Dr. Ainslie Meares, through probing discussion and fascinating case histories. Learn about the medical doctor who made history using meditation to successfully treat cancer.


Desmond Zwar is the author of sixteen books and a veteran reporter, foreign correspondent and features editor who worked for the Herald Sun in Melbourne and the London Daily Mail. He is highly regarded for his in-depth interviews during the “Golden Era” of Fleet Street journalism.