I Love What I Do!:
A Drummer’s Philosophy of Life at Eighty

Sam Ulano

ISBN: 978-1890995-35-5 (176 pp.)

At eighty years “young,” noted musician and self-proclaimed “drumchiatrist” Sam Ulano wrote this exuberant book about his system of living life to its fullest (regardless of age). In it, he shares his personal philosophies and experiences for staying healthy, becoming educated, and making a living, while always being mindful of the joys in everyday life. Honest, friendly, and filled with humor, I Love What I Do! offers pearls of wisdom for anyone who wishes to remain vital and productive–at any age.


Sam Ulano (1920-2014) was a performer, educator, and author who was in the music profession for over sixty-five years. Well-known for his methods of drum teaching and his progressive approach to writing about the instrument he loved, Sam has over 2,500 drum-instruction books to his credit. Known as “Mr. Rhythm,” he has appeared on television with Gary Moore, Ernie Kovacs, and Joe Franklin, as well as with Steve Allen on The Tonight Show.