Materialism (download)

52 min, 1999

Note: available as a download only.

A penetrating and insightful exploration of materialism, one of the most pervasive problems in modern life. Our society is immersed in materialism – money, possessions, objects, science, measurement, quantification – and its domination prevents us from truly embracing the spiritual. At a superficial level the problem manifests as the belief, usually unconscious, that money is more important than people. Underneath, however, lies a loss in the belief of the existence of love itself. Dr. Diamond reveals the acupuncture meridians involved with the problem along with the precise point and the associated therapeutic herbs. He also suggests that one possibility for more long-lasting treatment lies in the use of music, and believes that to be a central role for the music of the future. This talk is a manifesto on the importance of thinking in new ways about living in an age of material affluence and spiritual poverty.

Excerpts from this lecture: