Romanticism and the True Purpose of Human Communication (download)

85 min, 2001

Note: available as a download only.

Exploring the concept of romanticism, Dr. Diamond examines its usage in literature, art, and most of all music, and from this distills its essential qualities. These raise our Life Energy in specific ways, which are discussed in some detail, including their effects on the Acupuncture Emotional System. However, although the relative emotional freedom of romanticism makes it preferable to the structured, controlled character of the classicism that preceded it in the eighteenth century, it still ultimately falls short in the terms of Life Energy, because it is a long way removed from the true purpose of human communication – the direct expression of love, especially of the mother to the child. Dr. Diamond dwells on one aspect of this: writing, which is an inherent compromise of the freedom and naturalness of oral communication. The seminar ends with an elaboration on this issue as it applies to music notation, and suggests an approach to overcoming its limitations.

Excerpts from this lecture: