An Introductory Guide to Haiku Painting

John Diamond, M.D.

ISBN: 978-1-890995-56-0 (49 pages)

Limited Edition! Stillpoints is a breathtakingly beautiful synopsis of renowned healer John Diamond’s method and philosophy of Haiku Painting as a form of meditation. Performing Haiku Painting can help lead one to deep self-awareness and expression of their highest Creativity, which in turn raises one’s Life Energy. Through acts of high Life Energy one can potentially heal their lives, and emerge from the anguish which underlies our existence. Includes illustrations of Dr. Diamond’s own Haiku Paintings and corresponding Life-Energy raising Affirmations.


“A haiku is a short Japanese poem of seventeen syllables. It is said to be just that number for that is the duration of one breath. Thus, our haiku paintings are poems of one breath.

But they are more, much more. For in that single breath span, there is a distillation, a crystallization, of the deepest feeling of the poet at that very moment. And furthermore, although seemingly about a triviality of the moment, underneath it conveys a powerful message of Truth.”


“In Stillpoints: An Introductory Guide to Haiku Painting, Diamond presents the basic theory of haiku painting in a way that is both inspirational and practical, showing us how we can use this form of painting as an action meditation, emphasizing the uniqueness and yet similarity of painting patterns and exploring the definition of beauty, whether in major works of art or in small gems, such as the haiku painting.”
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Lois Henderson,