The Making of an Orthomolecular Martyr: The Controversial Case of an Australian Psychiatrist, His Patients and Their Families (eBook Version)

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Chris Reading, M.D.

ISBN 978-1-890995-96-6 (160 pp.)

This book describes the travesty of justice inflicted on Dr. Chris Reading and his patients in his efforts to practice a more humane form of medicine. After years of misrepresentation, controversy and persecution, Dr. Reading was forced to retire from his medical practice in September of 2004. He died seven years later, still writing from his depth of nutritional knowledge and therapeutic intent, yet unable to consult with a single patient.

What Dr. Reading faced as a practitioner is a test case for the Australian healthcare system. With an ailing and aging population, Australia’s “evidence-based medicine” has often failed to deliver improved health outcomes to Australian citizens. By contrast, globally recognized complementary therapies such as Orthomolecular Medicine offer the hope of “evidence-based outcomes” – and at a fraction of the cost of conventional therapies.