The Veneration of Life:
Through the Disease To The Soul
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John Diamond, M.D.

ISBN: 978-1-944133-12-2 (80 pp.)

In this deeply personal and inspiring book, Dr. John Diamond, M.D., past President of The International Academy of Preventive Medicine, draws on his over forty years of experience in medicine, psychiatry, complementary medicine, the humanities, holistic healing, and the arts to offer a completely new perspective on disease.

Dr. Diamond encourages us to go beyond all disease to a place of wholeness and healing through the disease to the sufferer’s soul – using his mother’s Alzheimer’s as an example. Here is a new philosophy for everyone which embraces all disease and all of life.


“In this brilliant book, written from his deeply touching personal and professional experiences, Dr. John Diamond illuminates the truth that altruism through the arts is perhaps the key to a good life and a good death.”
— Richard A. Lippin, M.D., Founder, International Arts-Medicine Association

“This sensitively written book explores the health care needs of all humanity through its perspective that True Health lies beyond the disease in the sufferer’s very soul. Dr. Diamond helps us to know the innermost beauty and perfection that lives in each of us.”
— Christopher J. Naughton, A.I.A., President, Society for the Arts in Healthcare

“A wonderful, sensitive and thoughtful book I highly recommend it to those who aspire to find a person’s soul beneath the shell of their dementia or other illness.”
— Scott Shannon, M.D., Trustee, American Holistic Medical Association

“This account points to a discovery of meaning in sickness as well as health, in dying as well as in living, through a realization of the oneness of all life and the linking of minds beyond all separateness.”
— John Algeo, Ph.D., National President, Theosophical Society of America

“A rare blend of psychiatrist and healer who addresses the intractable issues of the human soul. This is a man who speaks plainly and clearly about spiritual matters.”
— EastWest Journal

“A holy book by one of the world’s few true healers.”
— Bryan Hubbard, What Doctors Don’t Tell You

“For all those who are affected by disease, Diamond offers a great deal of reassurance. This restorative work is of such importance that it should form part of any caregiver’s own library, as well as part of every nursing college’s library.”
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— Lois Henderson,