Life-Energy Analysis: A Way to Cantillation (Print Version)

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John Diamond, M.D.

ISBN: 978-1-890995-24-9 (64 pp.)

This book provides a framework whereby those factors impeding an individual’s personal evolution can be elucidated and then overcome to achieve Cantillation – a state of Blessedness, Oneness and Joy.


Although sharing some of the same theory, life-energy analysis does not resemble psychoanalysis. However, it does provide us with a useful analogy.

Psychoanalysis may be divided into three sections. First, the analysis of the transference, which is the main activity of the psychoanalytic process. Second, the specific technique that is employed: free association on the part of the analysand, and the interpretation of it by the analyst. And third, as a result of this technique, arising out of the process has grown a body of knowledge.

In life fashion, life-energy analysis is the process indicator muscle testing is the man (but not only) means by which it is carried out, and the body of knowledge is Cantillation, which is also the goal, the supreme aspiration.

Life-energy analysis can provide us with a complete printout of all aspects of an individual’s personality at a particular moment in time; all of this weaknesses, all of his problems, all of his strengths.”