Life Energy: Using the Meridians to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Emotions

John Diamond, M.D.

ISBN: 978-1-55778-281-6 (245 pp.)

Here, for the first time, is a comprehensive explanation of how to unlock the hidden power within every one of us. This power, our LIFE ENERGY, determines our mental and physical states — and Dr. John Diamond shows how to unleash this energy.

You can use LIFE ENERGY to:

  • Lead a more productive, creative, and happy life
  • Achieve your full potential
  • Deal positively with mental and physical stress
  • Reduce negative emotional states (hatred, anger, jealousy etc.) and increase positive emotions (love, faith, courage etc.)
  • Prevent and overcome illness and maintain good health
  • Look younger as you learn to erase the lines of self-doubt and unhappiness from your face

Dr. Diamond’s discovery of how to release LIFE ENERGY is based on the twelve acupuncture meridians, each of which relates to a specific emotional state. Using the simple muscle test described in this book, you can assess these emotional states in yourself or anyone else. Then, by practising a short daily meditational program, you will keep your emotions and meridians balanced so that you achieve maximum LIFE ENERGY and enjoy mental and physical well-being and harmony every day of your life.

One of the most important medical books of the twentieth century, a ground-breaking classic that has never been out of print since it first appeared in 1983, and which remains as relevant today as ever. Essential reading for anyone interested in holistic health, psychology and the relation between the two.

Some comments from readers:

“Do the affirmations and be amazed.”

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who seeks happiness and life enhancement. I am following his program daily and have noticed an improvement in my physical and mental well-being.”

“This book really stands head and shoulders above other allegedly similar books that have sprouted up since Life Energy was first published in 1985.”

“Great assessment of the problematic situation of health and health care. Some very interesting connections between the mind, body and soul. Easy read.”

“This is definitely one of the best books I have read on Energy Medicine, if not the best.” — L. Power

“Keep gaining depth in a fundamental health concept introduced in Your Body Doesn’t Lie.” — Patricia Pose

“This book should be required reading for anyone practicing, or hoping to practice the healing arts, either through conventional or through complementary medicine.” — Jane Raffen


“I highly recommend this book to my seminar participants to assist them in helping others as well as themselves. This is a brilliant book that has surely helped many people resolve psychological issues. Diamond’s work has also inspired a radical shift in the way we understand psychological health and treatment.”

— Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D., author of Energy Psychology: Explorations at the Interface of Energy, Cognition, Behavior, and Health, Second Edition (Innovations in Psychology), Energy Tapping, and Energy Tapping for Trauma: Rapid Relief from Post-Traumatic Stress Using Energy Psychology

Life Energy should appeal to anyone who wishes to enjoy life more and to gain greater control over their emotions so that they can maximize not only their own sense of well-being, but also their relations with those around them. The exercises and programs that are recommended are well within the grasp of the average individual, and are accessibly presented.”
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Lois Henderson,