Music and Song, Mother and Love

John Diamond, M.D.

ISBN: 978-1-890995-33-1 (132 pp.)

The origin of music is the lullaby – a gift of pure love given by every mother to her child. If we can remember this as we sing and play, our music-making will have great therapeutic powers.  It will raise both our Life Energy and that of those around us.


“A profoundly affecting book of beautiful poetry and prose. Each page contains a jewel illuminating the deepest truths, delighting as it instructs. The subtle shades of love, and loving, of mothering, and the eternal feminine, all flow from these poems. This inspired reading would be most nurturing for women in their journey of pregnancy.”
— Giselle Whitwell, The International Music Society For Prenatal Development

“A delight for the reader, Dr. Diamond’s book delves into many primary philosophical issues…using image and metaphor to convey his ideas in a creative way.”
— Leonard Shlain, M.D., The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light

“Music and health, lullaby and awareness…an evocative mixture that takes us beyond ourselves into the heart of the spirit.”
— The Book Reader

“In Music and Song, Mother and Love, Diamond appeals to the musician in us all, asserting that “it is the task of the enlightened musician to constantly remind us of the Origin of music, of the Mother and Her Lullaby”. As you read through this symphony of aphorisms (mini-poems) you, too, are likely to be lulled into a state of bliss brought on by being cradled and encompassed within a universal sense of well-being that soothes your senses and comforts your soul. The work should appeal to all who are sensitive and open to the profounder aspects of life.”
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— Lois Henderson,