Thymos and Psyche (download)

85 min (CD version available here)

An entirely original discussion of holistic health built around the twin concepts of the soul in ancient Greek thought: the Thymos, or “breath-soul,”  seen as mortal and the seat of the emotions; and the Psyche, or “life-soul,” seen as immortal and associated with generation. Dr. Diamond argues that all illness is related to both types of soul, being the result of less operant Psyche and the diminution of Thymos.

Other topics include the Homing Thought, the importance of making positive choices in daily life to activate the Thymos, and the role of the doctor to encourage his patients to see their problems as ultimately spiritual in nature.

Given in the early 1980s, this pioneering lecture offers an innovative perspective on holistic medicine and is essential listening for anyone interested in the field.